Bam Margera Sterling Silver Bone Ring

$199.00 $99.00

Bam’s NEW 3D printed sterling silver Bone Ring. Don’t leave home without a spare – you never know when you might break one!



Bam Margera bone ring is 3D printed from sterling silver and personally designed by Bam. Honor one of skateboarding legends by rocking his personal jewelry!

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Additional information

Weight 25-30 g
Ring Size

Nr 3 (14mm), Nr 3.5 (14.4mm), Nr 4 (14.8), Nr 4.5 (15.2mm), Nr 5 (15.6mm), Nr 5.5 (16mm), Nr 6 (16.45mm), Nr 6.5 (16.9mm), Nr 7 (17.3mm), Nr 7.5 (17.7mm), Nr 8 (18.2mm), Nr 8.5 (18.6mm), Nr 9 (19mm), Nr 9.5 (19.4mm), Nr 10 (19.8mm), Nr 10.5 (20.2mm), Nr 11 (20.6mm), Nr 11.5 (21mm), Nr 12 (12.4mm), Nr 12.5 (21.8mm), Nr 13 (22.2mm), Nr 13.5 (22.6mm)


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