Bam Margera Evesdroppers pendant

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This double sided stainless steel pendant is 3D printed with themes from Bam’s Evesdroppers album! Didn’t hear the CD? We have that too!


Bam Margera’s 3D printed stainless steel pendant. Evesdroppers pendant is designed by Bam himself and is covered with scratch-free Titanium aluminium nitride (TiAlN). This pendant is a special edition celebrating Bam’s new album The Evesdroppers. Two-sided piece has Bam’s new album name- Evesdroppers rising from the stainless steel background on one side, the other side is inspired by Bam’s personal tattoo. Pendants are 3D printed in Estonia and shipped worldwide.

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Weight 25 g
Dimensions 66 x 16 x 6 mm