BamMerch is Bam Margera’s new lifestyle brand what offers various selection of products which are personally designed by Bam Margera!

BamMerch.com launched in December 2016 with 3D printed stainless steel pendants that are designed by Bam himself. Pendants are made in Estonia, using metal 3D printing technology, which is an innovative way to make accessories.

Bam Margera Merchandise products are located at http://www.bammerch.com/shop

About Bam Margera:

Bam Margera is an American professional skateboarder, stunt performer, television personality and Jackass star.

Bam first broke onto the national scene as a 13 year old pro-skater known for his creative street style and wild antics. As a teenager he created the CKY video series, which featured skating, pranks and stunts, all filmed in his hometown of West Chester, Pennsylvania. He came to prominence after appearing in MTV’s Jackass crew. He has since appeared in MTV’s Viva La Bam and Bam’s Unholy Union, all three Jackass movies, and Haggard and Minghags, both of which he co-wrote and directed.

In addition to Bam’s television and film projects, he continues to be heavily involved in the music industry through his work directing music videos, his show “Radio Bam” on Sirius Satellite Radio and his “Viva La Bands” CD/DVD series and tour. Over a very short period of time, Bam has proven himself as a top-tier athlete and innovator in the film, television and music industries.

Did you know that… Bam was voted the most influential/powerful person under 30 by Stuff Magazine (August 2006, Power Issue)

Last year, Bam’s “Q” rating (a measure of one’s public recognition) was in the top 20 of all athletes (rated by 18-45 year old males).

He was voted “Favorite athlete turned TV Star” in a 2005 Teen People Poll.

Bam hosted “Bam Radio,” a top-rated weekly show on Sirius Satellite Radio. His show featured new music, the VLB crew and insights into the crazy world of Bam.

He created and produced “Viva La Bands“.

Bam is creator and star of the CKY video series, which has sold over one million DVD and VHS copies worldwide. Actually, footage from this series was used in the initial “Jackass” episodes.

He is co-creator and co-star of MTV’s “Jackass” and “Jackass, The Movie”, which has grossed over $100 million in ticket sales internationally.

Bam created, produced, directed and stared in the hit MTV show “Viva La Bam”, which ran for five seasons. The VLB DVD’s are the fastest selling DVD‘s in MTV history.

Bam is the main character in Activision’s ‘Tony Hawk’s Underground’ video game series, which is one of the best sold sports video game of all time.

He holds the record for attendance at a personal appearance he made at the Mall of America. That would be in the ballpark of 30,000 screaming fans.

Bam is sponsored by leaders in the skate boarding industry; companies like Element, Destructo, Fairmans and Electric.

Bam Margera has been animated as a character in pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk’s video games Pro Skaters 3 and 4, Underground and Underground 2, American Wasteland, Project 8 and Proving Ground. He also voiced a character in the video game Scarface: The World Is Yours. He made cameo appearances in the movies Grind and Destroying America.

He has been on the cover or featured in top publications like Rolling Stone, People, Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Mag, Complex, Revolver and more.

Bam Margera merch is the best selling of any other signature series in action sports.

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